Research and Interests

My doctoral research focused on explaining the under-utilization of and investment in infection prevention and control in the U.S. healthcare sector through political economy. I analyzed the problem of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), the Dallas Ebola cluster, and SARS-CoV/MERS-CoV outbreaks to address the continued infection control failures through a lens that can better explain our current shortcomings. From HAIs to multi-drug resistant organisms, hospitals act as amplifiers of disease despite employing a vital resource (infection prevention programs) that is frequently utilized for regulatory purposes. Overall, my research and interests revolve around the gaps in healthcare biopreparedness and how such efforts are seen as cost centers and not revenue generators.

My research and interests focus on the intersection of biodefense and infection prevention, where hospitals have a vital role in infectious disease preparedness. From aiding in the development of infection prevention plans to helping hospitals establish effective infection prevention programs, I am passionate about the field. SvPrevention seeks to provide hospitals, companies, and agencies, with the skills and guidance to better support their biopreparedness and infection prevention through evidence-based measures and personal experiences. Furthermore, I offer freelance writing regarding a range of topics including infection prevention, outbreaks, infectious disease epidemiology, biodefense, bioterrorism response, global health security, antimicrobial resistance, and more.